Jerusalem is a sustainable struggle option until the end of injustice, says Khalaf

Sat 23 May 2020 at 20:48 Politics

NNA - Beirut Bar Association Head, Melhem Khalaf, issued a statement Saturday marking the International Day of Jerusalem, in which he considered that "Jerusalem exists in the conscience of humanity…a cause of justice and righteousness," stressing that "the continuous violation of the right in occupied Palestine is a breach of international laws, charters and humanitarian laws, draining the paths of restoring peace and striking all possibilities of a justice-based stability."

He stressed that "Jerusalem and its people are far from merely being remembered on an annual occasion, for they live in our hearts, minds and conscience, an option of sustainable struggle until the end of injustice.”

Khalaf emphasized that there is no compromise on the constants of the establishment of a Palestinian state, the completion of its membership in the United Nations, and the return of refugees as a foundation for the achievement of justice.

"Jerusalem is a moral compass for the world’s liberals and an imprint of human value, where the tormented human being deserves the restoration of his freedom and land and the right to live in dignity,” Khalaf concluded, vowing that “Jerusalem will be, no matter how long it takes, a land of love, freedom, justice, fairness and peace."



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