Hariri: We ask God to spare our countries the downfalls of political recklessness, economic instability

Sat 23 May 2020 at 17:14 Twitter

NNA – Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri congratulated Saturday the Lebanese on the occasion of the Fitr Eid, saying via Twitter: “We rejoice in the arrival of the Fitr holiday, despite the worsening economic, financial and daily living crises, and the harsh conditions facing the Lebanese and Arabs due to the Corona epidemic. It is the joy of commitment to one of the pillars of the true religion that rises above the sorrows and troubles, and the joy of contributing to charity and lifting the injustice off the burdened and underprivileged….We ask the Lord Almighty to accept the fasting of believers and to render the times of the Lebanese, Muslims and Arabs joyful, to unify their word and lift off the scourge of the epidemic, and spare our countries the downfalls of political unruliness and economic shakiness."



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