Abou al-Hassan to the government: To stop the redundant literature

Sat 23 May 2020 at 15:21 Politics

NNA – MP Hadi Abou al-Hassan urged the government to abstain from superfluous chattering, deeming the achievements mentioned as “unrealistic”.

Speaking in an interview with "Voice of All Lebanon" Radio Station this morning, Abou al-Hassan considered that "the electricity file is thorny, but it is the number one item on the path to reform."

"Give us the electricity and the border-crossings issue," he underlined, addressing the cabinet.

The MP expressed concern towards the continuing catastrophe that Lebanon is going through in terms of unemployment and poor living conditions, which threatens of an “empty-stomach revolution" he warned.

"If the International Monetary Fund is not persuaded by the required reforms within the framework of a clear plan, there will be no external assistance for Lebanon, and the floating of the lira, in the event of its occurrence, will be disastrous and the country will enter into chaos," cautioned Abou al-Hassan.

Meanwhile, the MP indicated that the Progressive Socialist Party is currently in a moment of convergence with several sides within the organization of differences and maintaining reconciliation in the Mountain region, noting that the meeting between former MP Walid Jumblatt and the President of the Republic was in this context.



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