President Aoun congratulates the Lebanese on occasion of Al-Fitr Feast and Liberation Day: We are a people who differ in politics but are united to the homeland

Sat 23 May 2020 at 12:58 Politics

NNA - On the occasion of the blessed holiday of Eid Al-Fitr, the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, congratulated the Lebanese in general, especially the Muslims among them, and wished that this feast would bring to them the sublime meanings, religious and human values of hope for a brighter tomorrow, and their aspirations had been fulfilled by a homeland according to their aspirations and sacrifices.

"The Eid comes this year at a time when Lebanon is going through a difficult stage that has been aggravated by the Corona pandemic, which spread throughout the world, excluding spaces of convergence and causing more concern after the increasing infection numbers," President Aoun said.

President Aoun added: "Today I especially go to every Lebanese whose difficult circumstances and the spread of this epidemic prevented him from celebrating the joy of the feast with family, loved ones and friends, by saying that I share with you the feelings of grief that you feel, whether you are in a stone or in a hospital and are more firm in your hands, and I am confident that the determination that is in you capable of overcoming the harshest conditions.

"Let us make this holiday an occasion to join our hearts and hands, proving to ourselves and to the world that we are a people who deserve life as long as we have the will to overcome its difficulties, whatever kind, and it will not weaken our resolve to move forward towards future horizons that we want for our youth. Our sacrifices are all crowned with success and we deserve a homeland. The dates of convergence in it are the dates of our religious and national holidays that we have always made common" the President continued.

The President concluded, saying "It is not by chance that this blessed Eid Al-Fitr coincides with the holiday of resistance and liberation to confirm this convergence, that the country was made to prevent it, the most precious sacrifice, is our permanent feast. We are a people who differ in politics but unite on the homeland. We are always able to face challenges and triumph over risks to prove that we deserve the land that gave birth to us and which we narrated with the most precious blood of our youth, to preserve its unity and dignity".

Then, President Aoun sent a message to the Presidents of Arab and Islamic countries, congratulating and wishing them and their people prosperity and peace. --- Presidency Press Office



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