Nemeh: No imposed taxes on low-income people in the short term

Sat 23 May 2020 at 10:31 Economy

NNA - Minister of Trade and Economy, Raoul Nehmeh, said on Saturday that "the International Monetary Fund does not impose any plan on the government, on the contrary, they are awaiting a plan from us," stressing that the government "will not impose taxes on low-income people in the short term."

Minister Nehmeh pointed out that "the IMF depends mainly on implementing quick economic reforms that the government put in place, to get Lebanon out of its crisis, similar to what happened in Greece and Cyprus, where the situation of the two countries improved in 3 years."

The Minister disclosed that country delegates who had met with the Prime Minister indicated that it was possible to build on the government's plan, including the International Monetary Fund.

Finally, he announced that the food basket has been identified, which includes helping farmers and industrialists secure the dollar needed to manufacture, cultivate or import the necessary raw materials.


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