Roukoz says prosecution should entail all those under suspicion, otherwise let the resounding slogans end!

Sat 25 Apr 2020 at 18:47 Twitter

NNA – “We support accountability, disclosure and auditing, and prosecutions according to the law for those involved...and we consider the draft law that the Prime Minister mentioned regarding political, administrative, military, judicial, and banking officials as an important prelude to recovering the transferred money, and also to uncover the scale of illicit enrichment," said MP Shamil Roukoz via Twitter on Saturday.

However, he added that "this is not enough because the senior officials cover businessmen and shopkeepers who have contributed to concluding deals that have exhausted the state’s finances...Either all those who have question marks hovering above them are prosecuted, or else the resounding slogans ought to end…Let the trial and accountability begin!"



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