Development and Liberation Bloc calls for quick investigation into high dollar rate crime

Sat 18 Apr 2020 at 19:15 Politics

Paqradounian: For a plan to recover looted money, combat corruption


NNA – Development and Liberation Parliamentary Bloc called Saturday for launching a swift investigation to reveal the truth regarding "the crazy rise in the exchange rate of the US dollar and the collapse of the exchange rate of the Lebanese lira."

The Bloc stressed on “inflicting maximum punishment on individuals or entities involved in this crime" and warned that if matters continue in this manner, Lebanon will be pushed to the edge of the abyss.

The Bloc also called for deterrent and decisive measures and law enforcement against those who are manipulating consumer goods prices, while reiterating its "absolute rejection of any plans or programs that might target, contrary to the law and the constitution, the Lebanese depositors and their money in Lebanese banks under any pretext or headline.”

This came in a statement read out by the Bloc’s Secretary-General, MP Anwar El-Khalil, following the Bloc members’ meeting today at Ain al-Tineh Palace under House Speaker Nabih Berri.

The Speaker also met today with MP Hagop Pakradounian, with whom he reviewed various developments on the local scene, most prominently the economic and financial conditions prevailing in the country.

On emerging, Pakradounian highlighted the need for the current cabinet to “establish a rescue plan that is capable of combating corruption, recovering the stolen money and applying the laws.”

He relayed Speaker Berri’s emphasis on the issue of implementing the laws, noting that “there are more than fifty laws that were not applied neither by the previous governments nor the current cabinet, from the anti-corruption law to the recovery of looted money."

Pakradounian added that discussions with the Speaker also touched on the daily living conditions of citizens, stressing that “we must all cooperate and join hands because the citizen’s daily living is of utmost sacredness. Hence, the government is called upon to speed up the issue of distributing aids to the underprivileged classes and take measures to restart some factories and help farmers.”

“We are all called upon to demonstrate political solidarity and cooperation, since political dispute does not help, but rather harms Lebanon and all the Lebanese,” Pakradounian concluded.




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