Rahi presides over Good Friday Mass: We remember the sufferings of Christ, joined today with the sufferings of those infected with Corona

Fri 10 Apr 2020 at 17:51 Politics

NNA – Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, headed today the “Prostration of the Cross” Mass service held in Bkirki this morning.

In his homily, the Patriarch said that on this day, we remember the pains and death of Christ by reading the four Gospels as narrated by the Evangelists. “We remember them because the Lord redeemed our sins and the sins of all mankind, so that we can all reconcile with God and return to Him by repentance,” he said.

“We remember them in order to join the pains of Christ, and the sufferings of those who are afflicted physically, psychologically and morally, and now the sufferings of those infected with the Coronavirus, so that the Lord Jesus may give them their salvation value and render them a contribution to the redemption of the world,” al-Rahi went on.

The Patriarch prayed to the Lord Almighty for salvation for mankind, adding, “We worship and bless you, O Christ, for by your Holy Cross you saved the world."



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