Fahmy: If violations continue, we will escalate measures

Sun 05 Apr 2020 at 19:35 Twitter

NNA – Interior and Municipalities Minister, Mohamad Fahmy, cautioned via his Twitter account this evening against any breach of the timetable schedule placed for the movement of vehicles and trucks, stressing that “if violations continue, measures will be escalated.”

“The decision to schedule the movement of vehicles according to their plate numbers comes to complement the decision of general mobilization. It must be noted that these measures are to limit movement and overcrowding, so as to avoid a total curfew that we fear reaching in the event that some citizens continue not to bear self-responsibility and bypass instructions,” the Minister asserted.

“Therefore, the Interior and Municipalities Ministry hopes that the honorable citizens fully adhere to the standards of prevention and avoid overcrowding in order to preserve public safety, and stresses that in the event of continued violations, it will be forced to escalate the measures undertaken, leading to a complete halt of traffic and total closure," Fahmy affirmed.



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