Labor Ministry denies news attributed to it on amending labor contracts, reducing wages

Sun 22 Mar 2020 at 17:49 Economy

NNA – The Ministry of Labor denied, in an issued statement on Sunday, the recently circulated news by “some media and social sites, that the Labor Ministry intends to submit a proposal authorizing the amendment of labor contracts and reducing wages to protect workers and employees from the repercussions of successive crises.”

The Ministry categorically denied such news, stressing that “what is attributed to it in this context is completely groundless.”

“In all cases, the Minister of Labor and the government are collectively prioritizing the study of proposals and setting scientific solutions to spare workers the repercussions of the emerging economic, financial and epidemiological crisis, as a result of the spread of the Corona virus that is weighing heavily on all productive sectors, particularly on workers who are facing many difficulties to maintain their jobs and secure their livelihoods, especially those who are daily workers and those with lower incomes," the statement indicated.

The Labor Ministry concluded its statement by asserting that any opinion or position that is not officially issued by the Ministry does not represent it in any way, urging all sides “to verify all news before circulation in order to avoid any confusion.”



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