Jumblatt: No to the assassination of Taif, Arabism and Palestine, no to subdivision!

Fri 14 Feb 2020 at 20:12 Twitter

NNA - Progressive Socialist Party Chief, Walid Jumblatt, tweeted this evening in homage to Martyr PM Rafic Hariri, saying: "Even if we are a few today with Saad Hariri, yet we say 'no' to the assassination of the Taif that was drafted by Martyr Rafic Hariri...'no' to obscured subdivision under the slogan of financial decentralization...'no' to the assassination of Greater Lebanon by the forces of guardianship...'no' to bankruptcy by those who reject reform...'no' to the assassination of Arabism by internal enemies...and 'no' to the assassination of Palestine through the deal of the century."

==================== R.Sh.

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