Breast Cancer Conference in its second day sheds light on types of treatments, patient's health in light of prevailing economic conditions

Fri 14 Feb 2020 at 18:59 Miscellaneous

NNA - The "Beirut Breast Cancer Conference" continued the works of its eighth annual session (BBCC-8) for the second day in a row at the Rotana Gefinor Hotel in Beirut on Friday, chaired by President of the Lebanese Breast Cancer Association, Professor Nagi Al-Saghir.

In his delivered word, Dr. Saghir suggested the creation of a "crisis cell" during this difficult period in the country, calling on the Lebanese government to "request the National Social Security Fund and various insurance companies to secure guaranteed medical coverage for citizens who have become unemployed for a period of six months while they search for work opportunities, in a bid to relieve some of the pressure on the Ministry of Health."

Participating lecturers, in turn, focused on patients receiving chemotherapy, the work of nurses and doctors and the best treatments, especially in light of the difficult economic and daily living challenges facing the Lebanese.

In this context, lecturers stressed on the importance of physical exercises that enhance the patient's physical and psychological health, in addition to awareness programs and gentle care for the patient, taking into account the physical conditions that cancer patients suffer from. Importance was also pinned on ensuring continued treatment and support for patients who have been diagnosed with advanced disease stages.

Moreover, lecturers also tackled the moral and psychological help of breast cancer patients through sports activities, and pointed to the fear of patients when they learn about their breast cancer cases. They pointed to the need to know the patients' positions and search for appropriate solutions for each case separately.

The delivered addresses also highlighted the prominent role played by male and female nurses inside and outside the hospital, especially their continued presence with the patient and the moral and physical assistance they extend, especially during the treatment stage of breast cancer.

Additionally, participating lecturers pointed to the necessity of organizing "rounds of talks" for the nurses themselves, because of their direct contact with cancer patients, which causes a kind of psychological pressure on them, alongside the economic and living pressures that they pass through.

It is to note that the conference, which will last till tomorrow, also features new research from Lebanon and prizes for the best young researchers. It includes as well special sessions for nurses specialized in cancer treatment, and pharmacists specializing in cancer treatment drugs.

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