Nazik Hariri: To harbor Martyr PM Hariri's intellect, stick to his approach

Fri 14 Feb 2020 at 17:10 Politics

NNA - The ceremony marking the 15th commemoration of Martyr PM Rafic Hariri began at the Center House in downtown Beirut this afternoon with the Lebanese national anthem, followed by a word from his widow, Nazik al-Hariri, in which she affirmed that "this memorial is an occasion for dialogue, defending the homeland and preserving the unity of its people, security and stability."

Hariri recalled her late husband's longtime friend, the late French President Jacques Chirac, and asked, "Where are we today from the state of institutions, coexistence, and the path of development and reconstruction?"

She added: "Prime Minister Hariri exerted all efforts to unite Lebanon, and he never lost hope for the future of Lebanon."

Hariri hoped that the Lebanese would "foster the intellect of Martyr PM Rafic Hariri and adhere to his approach," and that they would "stage their sit-ins through the language of dialogue and coexistence, armed with devotion, tolerance and protection of national unity."

In a vow to her late lifetime partner, Hariri pledged to Martyr Hariri "continuous commitment to all the values and notions that he defended."

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