Hoballah: No to random decisions that may affect social security of Lebanese workers

Thu 13 Feb 2020 at 12:20 Economy

NNA - Minister of Industry, Imad Hoballah, held a series of meetings this Thursday with union delegations who reportedly conveyed their fears and concerns over the mass expulsions of Lebanese workers from Lebanese companies, under the pretext of Article / 50 / paragraph "f" of the Labor Law, explaining that "it is a false argument that will cause a full social explosion", asking to start by “dismissing foreign workers who replace the Lebanese labor force, and seize whatever work opportunity they may have,” stressing that people who are unemployed and in dire need of a job are now ready to take up jobs they did not previously contemplate taking.


Minister Hoballah asserted that "the State supports and encourages investment in industry and the Lebanese labor force. We will not accept random decisions that affect social security and are at the expense of the fate and future of Lebanese workers."


"Just as we encourage Lebanese consumers to buy local products, we encourage industrialists to preserve Lebanese workers in factories," he stressed. "This is a national, economic and social duty that we are required to fulfill in these critical circumstances, now more than ever."




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