Diab from House of Parliament: This government is not politicized

Tue 11 Feb 2020 at 20:08 Politics

NNA - Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab stressed that his Cabinet is not politicized but rather a government of non-partisan specialists.

"This government is not politicized, despite the political sentiments of its ministers, but they are in line with the general frames that I have set since the first day of my assignment... It is a government of non-partisan specialists," Premier Diab asserted in his reply to deputies' entries during the Parliament vote of confidence session on Tuesday.

"The government will carry the demands of the Lebanese and will launch the course of salvation," Diab corroborated, stressing that the government will be working for all the Lebanese and seeking salvation and the service of people.

"Lebanon is going through an unprecedented difficult period and crossing into the safe shores is almost impossible without an external and internal impetus."

The Prime Minister also pledged that the government shall face challenges "with a plan, methodology and firmness."

"Our prime concern now is how to protect people's deposits in banks and preserve monetary stability," the PM concluded.

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