Diab to RDCL World: Be partners in national salvation process

Fri 07 Feb 2020 at 13:11 Politics
NNA - Prime Minister, Dr. Hassan Diab, on Friday regretted that Lebanon was facing multiple crises that had been inherited from previously adopted policies.

The premiere capitalized on the substantial role of the Lebanese abroad, including that of expatriates and businessmen, to assist Lebanon amidst this crucial stage.

"We are wagering on this role to be part and parcel of the rescue plan, because if Lebanon collapses, God forbid, everyone will pay a dear price, be it Lebanese residents, expatriates, ordinary citizens, employees, businessmen, and economic institutions; no one will be spared," Diab warned.

The Prime Minister's words came during a meeting at the Grand Serail with a delegation representing the RDCL World, the Association of Lebanese Business People in the World, headed by RDCL World President Fouad Zmokhol.

"Our country is enduring an exceptional stage that carries many challenges and risks. Today we are facing a dead wall, and the solution remains to destroy the wall that strangles Lebanon, disrupts its economic cycle, causes social and living crises, increases unemployment and triggers an acute shortage of liquidity," Diab said.

He went on to point to the dwindling capabilities of the state in light of the current challenges. "Thus, we are exerting relentless efforts and employing all our capabilities and contacts to make a difference; however, we mostly look forward to the important role of Lebanese expatriates and businessmen."

In turn, Zmokhol delivered a word in which he stressed his association's keenness on being part of Lebanon's recovery process. "We, as a private sector in Lebanon, do not have the authority to grant or block confidence, but we can support every person who seeks to steer Lebanon clear from the predicaments it endures," maintained Zmokhol.

"Lebanon suffers today from the most of difficult problems in its economic - social - financial and monetary history, and the sole solution lies in the concerted efforts of all the members of its legislative, executive, and business sectors. We are bound to work together because this is the only solution to iron out our problems," the RDCL World President added.


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