A tribute to Houda Kassatly's work highlighting Lebanon's cultural and environmental heritage at Alice Mogabgab Gallery

Fri 31 Jan 2020 at 20:02 Politics

NNA - Alice Mogabgab Gallery - Beirut launched the year of Houda Kassatly under the theme "From the End of Civil War till the Hirak, the Abused Heritage; Architecture, Environment, Refugees".

The event kicked-off yesterday with a roundtable discussion about the abused heritage with the participation of Dr. Nadine Panayot Haroun (Material and immaterial heritage through natural and cultural components), M. Levon Nordiguian (Beirut and its Houses), Dr. Yasmine Makaroun Bou Assaf (Houda Kassatly's work in Trablous context) and Dr. Jad Chaaban (Environment Destruction, Bankruptcy Construction).

Houda Kassatly presented also during the event, her latest book "De terre et de mains d'homme, la construction d'une maison à coupoles syrienne", published at Al Ayn Edition, (2019, 240 pages, Arabic and French).

Paying tribute to Houda Kassatly and her committed work is an act of faith in the rebirth of Lebanon. Since her beginnings in photography (1978), the artist took on her to highlight Lebanon's cultural and environmental heritage, both under constant bullying and degradation.

Since 1995 Alice Mogabgab Gallery - Beirut accompanied the artist in her many fights against orchestrated amnesia, against overwhelming and devastating corruption, against massive destructions of the heritage; all scourges that dominated the daily lives of Lebanese in past three decades. It is a fact that the work of this artist constitutes an essential testimony, on both scientific and artistic level; a work that deeply question, challenge and disturb a public, surrendered to the euphoria of reconstruction.

Form the end of the Civil War until the Hirak, the abused heritage; architecture, environment, refugees. In 365 photos, spread into five exhibitions, throughout the year, Houda Kassatly revisits the architectural and handworker splendors of Beirut and Trablous; the ecological wealth of remote Lebanese regions to Dalieh site in Beirut, the tragedy of Palestinian and Syrian refugees in their dreadful daily life, in Lebanon camps.

The photos of Houda Kassatly are stripped of all artifice. The natural light cherishes and preserves the human dimension of the subject; whether it is a paysage, a still life or a portrait. The strict framing accentuates and renders the beauty of the subject with a splendid accuracy. In each and every work, time is suspended, so the moment preserves the memory of the land, its people and their traditions.

Exhibitions Dates:
" January 30 - March 21: Dalieh the Threatened Shore
" April 7 - May 23: Refugee's Camps, the Unsustainable Precariousness
" June 9 - July 25: Tripoli of the Orient; Plural City
" September 15 - October 31: Sacred Trees, Sacrificed Trees
" November 10 - December 26: Beirut the Iconography of an Absence


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