Afiouni: Heart-breaking, offensive, suspicious and rejected scenes of violence

Sun 19 Jan 2020 at 19:33 Twitter

NNA - Caretaker State Minister for Investment and Technology Affairs, Adel Afiouni, tweeted Sunday evening on the recent events in the capital, Beirut, saying: "The scenes of violence are heart-rending, offensive, suspicious, and rejected.”

“But how did we get here?” questioned Afiouni, adding, “Ninety-five days have passed with the people in the streets voicing their logical, rightful and peaceful demands for a government of independent specialists who can address the crisis with efficiency and integrity…Yet, we remain without a government nor rescue plan, but with vacuum, quotas, and a deteriorating situation.”

“The people are suffering, and are losing their patience….Their anger is rightful and will spare no one,” underlined Afiouni.



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