Association of Banks deplores Hamra incidents

Wed 15 Jan 2020 at 14:26 Economy
NNA - The Association of Banks in Lebanon on Wednesday issued a statement vehemently condemning the shocking incidents that shook Hamra Street on Tuesday evening, targeting the Lebanese Central Bank and branches of different banks, in addition to a number of commercial stores.

"We are confident that the assailants do not relate to the real Lebanese revolutionaries in any way. Rather more, they are a group of paid, bribed, and well-known mobs," a statement by the ABL said.

Consequently, the ABL expressed hope that the "honorable revolutionaries" would expose those who have been trying to penetrate their ranks and not fall victim to suspicious schemes aimed at distracting attention from the real goals of the revolution.

The statement also deplored the "irresponsible dawdling forming a new government, which puts banks on the forefront, as if they are responsible for the deterioration of the situation."

The ABL's statement did not fail to appeal to the security forces to "take the necessary measures to uncover and punish those who incited, planned, and contributed to this barbaric act that afflicted a sector that strives to serve people and preserve their interests in the darkest of circumstance that Lebanon endures."


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