Bassil after 'Strong Lebanon' bloc meeting: We adhere to fighting corruption

Tue 03 Dec 2019 at 19:45 Politics

NNA - Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) chief, Caretaker Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, reiterated the FPM's main stance in calling for the formation of a government of technocrats enjoying political background, in addition to individuals from the civil movement.

"However, this proposal was approved," Minister Bassil said after the periodic meeting of the "Strong Lebanon" bloc on Tuesday at the FPM's main headquaters in Mirna Chalouhi.

Bassil stressed that the FPM's role on the issue of government formation and Premier designation has been a facilitating one, rather than obstructing.

Bassil emphasized that the government formation is an absolute priority to address the current simmering financial and economic situation, consecrate security and relaunch the economic cycle.

Bassil stressed one criterion for government, namely implementation, commitment and achievement, underlining that the FPM's participation in government and granting confidence depends on its success.

The Minister also underlined that the success of the government is more important than the presence of FPM in it.

"We cling to fighting corruption rather than any seat in government," Bassil said, stressing the need for forming a national pact government that preserves the country, even if this entails self elimination.

"We do not obstruct but rather facilitate, and we do not put conditions," he maintained.

Bassil also hoped that a happy ending would be near.

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