President Aoun tackles developments with Russian Ambassador, Sehnawi

Tue 26 Nov 2019 at 13:59 Politics
NNA - President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Tuesday met the Russian Ambassador, Alexander Zasypkin, in the presence of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Salim Jreisatti, and discussed with him the general situation, in addition to Lebanese-Russian relations.

After the meeting Zasypkin conveyed the Russian position, concerning developments in Lebanon, to the President, affirming Moscow's support to the Lebanese state in face of current developments.

The Russian Ambassador pointed out that the discussion tackled bilateral relations between the two countries, which have been established through 75 years.

Zasypkin also stressed that the cooperation between Russia and Lebanon is ongoing and will develop further due to the friendly relations between both peoples, pointing out that his country will not hesitate to respond to Lebanese needs in this delicate circumstance.

"Moscow was on Lebanon's side, and will remain," Zasypkin concluded.

President Aoun also discussed the general situation and current developments with MP Nicolas Sehnaoui, who put the President in the atmosphere of the recent Achrafiyeh incident and damages caused especially in Gemayzeh and Mono street region, and the need to compensate for those who were affected.

On another level, President Aoun received cables of congratulations from the President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who said that Germany was closely following the Lebanese political developments, and stands firmly on Lebanon's side, hoping that "All parties would join hands in the interest of the country and find a common path towards a good future".

In addition, Mrs. Nazik Rafic Hariri also sent independence congratulations to the President, in her name and on behalf of the family of martyr Prime Minister, Rafic Hariri. "We are called upon to stand together in solidarity and uphold the values of peace, dialogue, national unity and coexistence, so that Lebanon can remain a free, independent, and sovereign country, and a final homeland for all its people" Mrs. Hariri wrote.


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