Women protesters march through Tripoli's neighborhoods, farreaching AlNour Square

Sat 09 Nov 2019 at 19:16 Miscellaneous

NNA - The women's united bodies in Tripoli and the North organized a protest in Tripoli's downtown Al-Tal Square, followed by a march through the city's markets and neighborhoods, far-reaching Al-Nour Square.

The women protesters chanted national songs and slogans, calling for "expediting the commissioning and formation of a new government of technocrats and specialists", and "vengeance of the corrupt and the recovery of looted funds."

Participants from women's bodies, councils and associations also illuminated three huge torches in Al-Nour Square, where protesters gathered for the 24th day of the popular movement.

Meanwhile, Al-Nour Square hosted today a delegation representing the people of the South who came in solidarity, stressing the unity of the sit-in squares on all Lebanese territory.

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