(*) Sfeir after the financial meeting in Baabda: Depositors' money is well-preserved, no need for panic

Sat 09 Nov 2019 at 18:45 Economy

NNA - Lebanese Banks Association President, Salim Sfeir, announced following the financial meeting at Baabda Palace this afternoon that the depositors' money in various banks across Lebanon are "well-preserved and there is no need for concern in this regard."

Sfeir indicated that he has been commissioned, alongside the Ministers of Finance and Economy and the Central Bank Governor, to follow-up on the monetary and banking situation, and to issue explanatory statements to prevent any confusion or incorrect news whenever the need arises.

He also announced that the Central Bank Governor was requested during the meeting to continue to take the necessary measures to maintain the country's monetary and economic stability and the soundness of the banking system, based on the Monetary and Credit Law, and to propose measures for practical solutions where necessary.

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