FPM youth sector in France organizes a day of solidarity with Lebanon by selling Lebanese products

Sat 09 Nov 2019 at 18:34 Miscellaneous

NNA - The youth sector of the Free Patriotic Movement organized Saturday a solidarity day with Lebanon at the Marché d'Iéna market, where they sold Lebanese local products in support of Lebanese farmers and producers.

Economic Attaché at the Embassy of Lebanon in France, Rachel Alameddine, participated in the activity in support this initiative.

Overseeing the initiative's implementation, Mark Hashem said, "We succeeded in overcoming all the logistical challenges."

He added: "The youth team has demonstrated the integration between the group in France and our groups in various Lebanese regions. Moving products has not been easy, given the huge demand for Lebanese products. We have already agreed with the producers in Lebanon to reinvest in their activities."

"We are actively pumping the euro into the economy at a time when huge traders and financiers are rushing to smuggle their money out of the country. This is an example of FPM's revolution and this is the pulse that drives the youth sector," Hashem corroborated, hoping that this phenomenon would be generalized across various French towns and villages.

Participants also promised to "develop and spread this initiative."

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