Abi Ramia says an almost complete Lebanese consensus exists over commissioning PM Hariri to form the new cabinet

Sat 09 Nov 2019 at 16:23 Politics

NNA - Member of the "Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary Bloc, MP Simon Abi Ramia, disclosed Saturday that an almost unanimous agreement exists among various sides in the country to commission Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri to head the new government.

"The new cabinet must include competent specialists who are known for their work and integrity, as well as civil society representatives, to be a watchful eye in the government to reassure all popular movement activists," he underlined in an interview to 'Sawt El Mada" Radio Station earlier today.

"All the political forces should focus on the formation of the government without wasting time, which would result in a positive push to get out of our current crisis," the MP corroborated.

Abi Ramia stressed that "there is no square facing another square, and the demands of the people have unified all the squares, since the suffering is one and it affects all the Lebanese."

He added: "The exploitation of people's pain and the popular reality by some political leaders to achieve special agendas that interfere internally and externally, is unacceptable."

"Anyone who has been in power since 1990, whether in the Council of Ministers or in Parliament, bears responsibility for bringing the situation to where we are now, and what is required today is to approach the status quo with a new mindset," Abi Ramia emphasized, stressing that there can be no escape of responsibility.

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