Tunisian Ambassador hosts reception in honor of Bouziane, Najari

Thu 10 Oct 2019 at 11:12 Miscellaneous

NNA - Tunisian Ambassador Karim Boudali hosted a reception in honor of the Ambassador of Algeria Ahmed Bouziane, and the Ambassador of Egypt Nazih Al-Najari, marking the end of their duties in Lebanon.


Boudali delivered a few words on the occasion, describing the two ambassadors as "seasoned diplomats, dignified brothers and dear friends."

"I would also like to thank Lebanon, which brought us together on its land; the land of convergence, friendships and Arabism," he said.


Bouziane, in turn, depicted Lebanon as a beautiful country of tolerance, generosity and hospitality. "The time that I spent here marks one of the best stages of my career," he said, wishing the country security and stability.


Echoing Bouziane's words, Najari praised "Ambassador Boudali, the colleague but most importantly the friend," thanking the Lebanese for the warm hospitality.


"We have to strengthen the Arab pulse which is key in Lebanon. We have experienced sectarianism, but our Arabism is our only refuge. As Arab countries, we should re-instate the Arab identity, as it guarantees our interests and protects our common national security. We hope the coming stage would bear witness to better conditions in the Arab world as a whole," Najari said.




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