Fenianos at opening of Global Cyber Security Forum says aware of importance of aviation safety

Wed 18 Sep 2019 at 13:45 Economy
NNA - Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Youssef Fenianos, on Wednesday opened the 5th Global Cyber Security Forum in Beirut, which is organized by the Lebanese Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Civil Aviation Safety Center, in partnership with Explore Exhibitions and Conferences at the MEA Training and Conferences Center.

"Today's conference comes immediately after the government's approval of the National Cyber Security Strategy on August 29, in response to Paris Declaration on Security and Cyberspace Safety," Minister Fenianos said in his speech.

"When computers of various kinds and mobile devices started to save important information, and when these devices were connected to the internet and people relied on them in their daily lives and in their businesses and trade development, their sensitive and critical information was compromised and thus subjected to hacking," the Minister added, highlighting the paramount importance of cyber security, which is the security of information on devices and networks of electronic systems from any unintended or unauthorized interference.

"Cyber security is a strategic weapon in the hands of governments and individuals, especially since cyber warfare has become an integral part of modern methods of war and attacks between nations," he said. "This is the fifth new area of modern warfare after land, sea, air, and real space," Fenianos explained.

He went on to shed light on the fact that the civil aviation sector had become exposed to many risks, led by cyber security threats.

"There are several points in the field of air transport that are vulnerable to attacks and hacking by terrorists, starting with the manufacture of the aircraft itself. Cyber terrorism, whether carried out by individuals, groups or states, can target electronic systems that develop hardware and software used at airports," he added.

Moreover, Fenianos noted that digital terrorism had become technically, materially, and progressively beyond the speed of the development of institutions.

"Fear of penetration of aircraft systems makes the protection and fortification of this sector an objective that drives states to adopt measures at the internal level, as well as joint coordination among them, to implement international strategies to ensure resistance to hacking threats," the Telecoms Minister said.

He finally stressed that cyber security was everyone's responsibility and required the involvement of all relevant sectors alike.


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