Gharib welcomes Danish Minister of Development Cooperation: For safe, dignified return of displaced

Thu 12 Sep 2019 at 12:28 Politics

NNA - Minister of State for Displaced Affairs, Saleh Al-Gharib, met at the ministry headquarters with a Danish delegation headed by Danish Development Cooperation Minister Rasmus Prehn, in the presence of Danish Ambassador Merritt Joel, with talks touching on the burdens weighing on Lebanon's shoulders for hosting Syrian displaced people.

In the wake of the meeting, the Danish minister said "We held frank talks on the situation of Syrian refugees. It was an opportunity for me to pay tribute to Lebanon's hospitality to the refugees. I believe that many in the world admire Lebanon's ability to host this number of refugees and treat them in an acceptable manner. We also had the opportunity to discuss the Lebanese government's plan for the return of refugees."

"The Danish government is very concerned about the safety of refugees," Prehn said. "This safety must be secured before they are sent back to Syria. If they want to return, their repatriation should be voluntary. However, I realize that it is difficult for the Lebanese society to deal with a crisis of this magnitude."

For his part, the Foreign Minister expressed Lebanon's views and vision as to addressing the file of displacement "where safe and dignified return remains the only solution and the best option for us as a country."

Al-Gharib concluded by stressing that refugees' repatriation should not be linked to a political solution in Syria.


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