Judge Bassil issues arrest warrant for PSP supporter into Qabr Shmoun case

Mon 09 Sep 2019 at 20:06 Law

NNA - Military Investigative Judge, Marcel Bassil, on Monday issued an arrest warrant for another Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) supporter for involvement in the Aley's Qabr Shmoun's incident last June.

Judge Bassil winded up the second hearing into the Aley's Qabr Shmoun's incident, whereby he interrogated four defendants into the case, including two PSP supporters and two others of the Lebanese Democratic Party.

At the end of the session, Judge Bassil issued an arrest warrant for a PSP supporter and set free three other defendants on bail.
Judge Bassil also set next Wednesday a questioning session for another defendant due to his presence outside the country.

As such, the number of those arrested in the case has reached five.

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