Key to eliminating body toxins: green vegetables, fruits, and water

Mon 09 Sep 2019 at 17:18 Health

NNA – When the body suffers from accumulation of toxins inside, many signs manifest, the most important of which are: difficulty in getting rid of weight, fatigue, and inability to concentrate, as well as excess tension and nervousness; not to mention severe body and muscle pain, disorganization of stomach and intestines, and indigestion. Other signs are severe headache and numbness of limbs.

Toxins are often accumulated in the body due to eating some types of unclean food, street food, or inhalation of chemicals, causing serious diseases, most notably cancer and immunodeficiency.

There are some tips that help eliminate toxins accumulated inside the body, including:

- Eating lots of leafy vegetables.

- Eating fruits, which have a great role in maintaining the body. 

- Drinking lots of water.








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