Sayegh: Walid Jumblatt, a national leader at the rank of a Senate President

Sat 07 Sep 2019 at 19:59 Twitter

NNA - "Democratic Gathering" Member, MP Faisal al-Sayegh, tweeted this afternoon, saying: "Three meetings recently witnessed in Lebanon have centered on the Progressive Socialist Party, adjusting the national compass and charting the next political stage: nameloy PSP Chief Walid Jumblatt in Beiteddine at the invitation of President Michel Aoun, MP Taymour Jumblatt in Laqlouq at the invitation of Minister Gebran Bassil, and the meeting of Ministers Wael Abu Faour and Ghazi Aridi with Hezbollah's delegation at the invitation of House Speaker Nabih Berri..."

He added: "This fruitful movement denotes a national acknowledgement that there is no stability in Lebanon without dealing with Walid Jumblatt, and that he cannot be besieged nor can his presence be overlooked as a national leader at the rank of a Senate Head!"

=================== R.Sh.

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