Chidiac via Twitter: Ministry kickstarted generalizing modern job description model

Fri 06 Sep 2019 at 15:58 Twitter

NNA - Minister of State for Administrative Development Affairs, Dr. May Chidiac, tweeted on Friday that the Ministry has kick-started in cooperation with the Civil Service Council and Central Inspection, to generalize the modern job description model realized through the "Strengthening Human Resources Management Capacities" Project.

A unified description for common jobs in public administrations is currently being drafted.

Minister Chidiac said that the Ministry is ready to be engaged in studying the current situation of the public administration, in cooperation with the supervisory bodies, in addition to developing a study on the status of institutions that should be merged, abolished or partnered with the private sector.

Chidiac said that she asked the Prime Minister to form a committee for this purpose with a set deadline.

The Minister concluded by saying that she will meet in the near future with the Civil Service Council and the Central Inspection to discuss future steps.

================= Lina Younis


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