How to reduce blood cholesterol

Wed 04 Sep 2019 at 10:44 Health
NNA - Many people suffer from high blood cholesterol levels, one of the most common health problems in the world. Ignoring high blood cholesterol might lead to serious and chronic diseases, mostly in the heart.

Thus, cholesterol patients should follow a healthy diet to reduce high cholesterol and preserve their health. The diet must include:

-Eating food rich in soluble fibers like beans, legumes, and whole grains, as they help reduce cholesterol.

-Eating more fruits and vegetables containing high amounts of antioxidants, which reinforce cardiovascular health and reduces high cholesterol risk.

-Adding turmeric and ginger to healthy meals. Studies and research have shown that there are many spices that help reduce cholesterol and boost body health, two of which are turmeric and ginger.

-Eating soy beans, as they are rich in vitamins. They help reduce blood cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases.

-Drinking more green tea; it's one of the natural herbs that strengthens body health and reduce blood cholesterol.


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