Do not stand or sit for long hours!

Wed 14 Aug 2019 at 12:12 Health
NNA - Many people are obliged to stand or sit for long hours due to the nature of their work. This might have a major negative impact on their health, especially if they are sitting or standing in a wrong position. In addition to back pain, they might suffer chronic diseases like arthritis and other health problems.

Many new medical studies have proven that a wrong body position might cause serious diseases. The most prominent effects of standing or sitting in improper positions are:

-Blockage of efficient breathing
A healthy sitting or standing position reduces exhaustion of the back and other supporting muscles and ligaments. It provides the diaphragm with appropriate space to contract and flatten during breathing, which allows the lungs to expand and compress properly when inhaling and exhaling. The better this process works, the better the efficiency of implementation. Sitting in a wrong position, therefore, might be a major block to breathing.

-Temporary high blood pressure
Scientific studies have confirmed that a wrong sitting position, specifically cross-legged, leads to an increase in blood pressure. Doctors have always believed that sitting cross-legged for a long period of time is a risk factor for chronic high pressure. However, modern studies denied it and confirmed that the effect of a sitting position is temporary. Yet, while a high pressure resulting from a wrong sitting position may be temporary, it indeed constitutes a real risk on those who already suffer from chronic high pressure, or on those who suffer from any health problems relating to the heart muscle. This is because sitting cross-legged blocks the blood flow towards the heart at the knee area.

-Weight gain
Continuous movement helps boost the body's release of particles that help burn fats and sugars a person eats daily. So, sitting all day, and in a wrong position, reduces the chances of this release in areas like the behind, which causes weight gain.
Sitting for long periods of time increases the possibility of getting metabolic syndrome and of gaining weight in the waist area, specifically in men.

-Back pain
Standing in a wrong position commonly affects the lower back. Sitting in a wrong position causes double the pressure on the spine disks as standing in a wrong position would.

-Premature aging
A wrong body position increases premature aging. New research has shown that we suffer from back or neck pain at an early age and that a wrong body position causes insomnia and depression.

Ways to improve body position
There are many ways to ensure maintaining a good body position while standing or sitting:
-Performing simple exercise like stretching with a straight back.
-Practicing sports and exercises is the best protection from back pain. It helps build muscles in such a way to strengthen the back and prevent back pain.
-Practicing yoga helps stretch and strengthen neck, back, stomach, and shoulder muscles.


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