Arslan: Beware of handing over innocent people to cover up for those involved

Thu 04 Jul 2019 at 11:19 Twitter

NNA - Lebanese Democratic Party leader, Talal Arslan, echoed a stern warning via his twitter account on Thursday cautioning from attempts to hand over innocent people to cover up for the actual perpetrators of Qabrshamoun assassination, which strongly shook civil peace and state security alike.

Arslan reiterated the Lebanese President's words with concern to the fact that there were two different paths to deal with Qabrshamoun crime.

"First, there's the judicial track to punish the agitators and the perpetrators; second, there's the political track which is based on national basis for the establishment of the Republic," Arslan added in his tweet.

"This is our clear and honest position; there is no room for approving any other futile proposals," Arslan added, thanking the security forces and Major General Abbas Ibrahim for their efforts.


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