Hassan meets Jabak, stresses support for health centers and hospitals in remote areas

Thu 20 Jun 2019 at 14:09 Politics

NNA - Druze Sheikh Akl Naim Hassan met this Thursday Minister of Public Health Jamil Jabak, praising the efforts of the said ministry in carrying out its health and social role, especially at the present stage which requires initiatives to alleviate the burdens of citizens, through the rehabilitation and development of hospitals and primary health care centers, out of belief in the reliable role of these centers, especially in the regions far from the city.

"It is not acceptable that the patient should bear high financial burdens for treatment of minor illnesses," said Minister Jabak." Such illnesses can be treated in primary care centers at the expense of the Ministry of Health."

In response to a question about the ministry's initiatives to support health centers in remote areas, he said: "There is a plan in the ministry to support the primary centers in the remote villages and cities away from Beirut where there is no full health care. We also launched a rehabilitation program for government hospitals located in the districts, yet having not enough potential to welcome all patients and treat all kinds of diseases."


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