Shehayeb inspects Brevet exams course, vows to end private schools' 'chaos'

Wed 12 Jun 2019 at 17:39 Education & Culture

NNA - Minister of Education and Higher Learning, Akram Shehayeb, on Wednesday incepted Rafic Hariri University Campus in Hadath to take note of the course of first day of the Brevet official exams.

After his tour, Shehayeb told reporters that some schools had failed to register their students before the Ministry of Education and that they did not provide the required lists of candidates to the exams.

"We sent correspondences to those schools in April and we asked them to come to submit their papers and to come to the Ministry," he explained.

"But we haven't received any response from any school," he continued.

"We then sent them warnings," he added.

Shehayeb went on to say that he would discuss with the Prime Minister the possibility of including those students in the second round of exams.

He also said that he had submitted to the judiciary and the Central Inspection a list of the contravening schools.

"We will end this chaos in private schools in order to protect public schools and students," Shehayeb vowed.


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