Iran rejects baseless Arab Summit accusations

Fri 31 May 2019 at 10:40 Regional
NNA - The Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi condemned on Friday "baseless" accusations made by Saudi Arabia at a summit in Mecca about Tehran as a threat to global and regional security.

During the two back-to-back emergency summits, Saudi King Salman called on Gulf and Arab countries to unite in the fight against Tehrans "criminal acts," referring to recent attacks on oil tankers and pipelines in the region, which Washington and Riyadh consider were directed by Iran.

"We see the Saudi effort to mobilize opinion as part of the hopeless process followed by America and the Zionist regime against Iran," Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi was quoted.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has condemned and rejected the unfounded claims in an anti-Iran statement released by Arab countries that were gathered for an emergency meeting in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

In a statement on Friday, Mousavi said Iran is certain that such hostile statements do not reflect the views of all members taking part at the meeting.

Instead of using the opportunity of the International Quds Day to pursue the rights of the Palestinian people, the summit hosted by Saudi Arabia followed the wrong strategy of creating discord among regional and Muslim countries, which is what the Israeli regime wants, added Mousavi in the statement.

"We consider Saudi Arabias attempt to rally neighboring and Arab countries [against Iran] as the continuation of a futile process that the United States and the Zionist regime are pursuing against the Islamic Republic," he stressed.

Mousavi further voiced hope that Saudi Arabias shortcomings in supporting the Palestinian cause, as well as the wrong approaches of certain Muslim countries in the region, would be countervailed at the OIC meeting in Mecca.

"The long-standing goal of the Zionist regime is to distract the Muslim and Arab countries from their main and common enemy," the Iranian diplomat reminded.--Iranian agencies


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