Asmar released on bails, says he’s under ceiling of law

Mon 27 May 2019 at 14:55 Law

NNA - Former General Labor Confederation Head, Dr. Bechara Al Asmar, on Monday was released on a bail of LBP 500 thousand.

"I am under the ceiling of the law," he told reporters at Beirut’s Palace of Justice, amid a crowd of supporters who had gathered at the beginning of his interrogation session by magistrate George Rizk.

“I hope that all officials in Lebanon... those behind massacres, robberies, religious strife, and catastrophes will apologize as well. I have uttered an error and offered my apologies to His Beatitude Bechara Rahi. All officials should be held accountable, not only Bechara al-Asmar; they are the cause of all the tragedies of the Lebanese people,” Asmar said.

“I work among the ranks of the GLC and I serve people and workers. The adoption of the budget and its referral to the House of Parliament is a good step,” he said as thanking President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun’s efforts on this level.

Asmar also dismissed claims that his arrest was an attempt by some political sides to settle scores with the the GLC.


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