Geagea says the goal is to reach the best budget possible

Sun 26 May 2019 at 19:04 Politics

NNA - Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, deemed that the main objective is to reach the best annual budget possible, away from any attempt to gain points or prove positions since the situation can no longer tolerate any procrastination.

In an interview with "Voice of Lebanon-Dbayeh" Radio Channel earlier today, Geagea considered that "the budget does contain quite a few correctional items that need to be followed-up."

"There are also huge clauses to which we have no answers yet," he added, citing the "illegal crossings that affect our economy as a whole, and tax evasion estimated at one billion or two billion dollars in Lebanon."

"There are some fine things but they must be seriously applied, and work must focus on the budget figures of 2020," Geagea corroborated.

On the issue of settlement in Lebanon, Geagea stressed that "the Lebanese rejecting position is unified towards settlement as mentioned in the Taef Accord and the Constitution."

"If the whole universe aspires to settle the Palestinians in Lebanon, and the Lebanese are not in agreement, there will be no resettlement, and this is a Lebanese sovereign decision," he emphasized.

As for the return of Syrian refugees to their country, the LF Chief noted that the international community has no effect on their return, but rather it is the Syrian President who has the influence in this matter. "Assad does not want the return of the displaced to Syria, while their stay in Lebanon is illogical," Geagea asserted, noting that the fees imposed on Syrian laborers is a decision by the Minister of Labor away from media propaganda.

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