Jabak, Abu Faour agree on measures to protect pharmaceutical industry

Wed 15 May 2019 at 14:39 Economy

NNA - Minister of Public Health, JamIl Jabak, held a meeting with Minister of Industry, Wael Abu Faour, at the Ministry of Health, in the presence of President of the Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Lebanon, Carol Abi Karam, a number of union members and the media advisor to the Health Minister.

During the meeting, Jabak underscored his efforts to export Lebanese medicine to a number of countries, including Iraq, where the Iraqi Minister of Health is looking into the matter, pending the completion of the agreement.

He stressed the importance of protecting the generic medicine manufactured in Lebanon in exchange for imported brand drugs, in addition to supporting existing factories and facilitating the establishment of new factories with high specifications.

The pair agreed on measures to protect the pharmaceutical industry in order to strengthen the Lebanese industry and benefit the sector, as the fate of thousands of families working in importing and selling medicine is at stake.

Abu Faour said in a statement after the meeting that the discussions had touched on the means "to give greater impetus to the Lebanese pharmaceutical industries within the framework of the policy of encouraging the Lebanese industry, pursuant to the Prime Minister's circular on giving priority to national products in government procurement."

"Minister Jabak has expressed interest in supporting the Lebanese pharmaceutical industry, and we have started taking action to achieve this," Abou Faour stressed.

On a different noted, Jabak received the Ambassador of Belarus, Yuri Sluka, accompanied by the President of the Lebanese-Belarusian Business Council Michel Abdo and members of the Council.

The diplomat expressed interest in strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of health, given the progress his country boasts in the field of pharmaceutical and medical equipment.
He pointed out that he will submit a detailed list to identify areas of possible cooperation, adding that "Minister Jabak has shown special interest in cancer drugs and in giving Lebanese students the opportunity to study medicine in Belarus."


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