Hasbani to Radio Lebanon: Private sector develops public sector

Fri 19 Apr 2019 at 18:02 Economy

Return of displaced Syrians cannot be linked to reconstruction and final solution, but to securing safe areas for their return

NNA - Deputy Prime Minister, Ghassan Hasbani, confirmed Friday that the private sector serves to develop and strengthen the public sector.

"The notion that the private sector swallows the public sector and the talk about money whales no longer exists because the major international companies that invest in the country have a sense of professionalism, work order and the ability to train citizens," Hasbani explained during an interview with Radio Lebanon this morning.

"The state is comprised of the land, the people and the institutions...The people are part of the state and shoulder the citizenship responsibility, so we all have to search for solutions for all that is happening in the country...Productivity is essential and it is necessary to ensure employees' needs," Hasbani indicated.

"Reform ought to be well-balanced and fully-implemented, away from slogans," he underscored.

"Today's officials are serious in working towards the international community and citizens. We must involve the private sector in the major public sectors and let them invest in order to lift the burden off the state and increase the economic productivity of the country, in addition to introducing reforms in the administration, in general, to regulate its work and decrease its dependency on the state's treasury," he went on.

Hasbani also referred to decentralization in the distribution of labor towards sustainable development, and channeling investment and international assistance to the right place "since this will enhance the quality of life in the regions and communities at the micro level, which can spread at the national level through its intensity and number."

On the Syrian refugees' issue, Hasbani deemed that their return cannot be linked to the reconstruction phase in Syria nor to a final solution to the Syrian crisis; instead it relies on securing safe areas for their return.

"There seems to be no specific vision by any international body of the mechanism to return the Syrian refugees to their country, so Lebanon has proposed several ideas in that respect...We suggested that there be safe areas within Syrian territory under international guardianship, where the displaced can enjoy basic infrastructure and services until a formal final solution is reached in Syria to ensure their return to their villages and homes," Hasbani underlined.

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