Abu Faour, Chidiac announce simplified mechanism for industrial licenses' administrative procedures

Wed 03 Apr 2019 at 17:30 Miscellaneous

NNA - Industry Minister, Wael Abu Faour, and Minister of State for Administrative Development Affairs, May Chidiac, on Wednesday announced at a joint press conference a simplified mechanism for administrative procedures for industrial licenses.

The straightforward mechanism was accomplished in cooperation between the two ministries within the European Union-funded Project "Simplification of Administrative Procedures in Public Administrations."

Benefiting from the aforementioned Project includes the ministries of Social Affairs, Tourism, Public Health and Industry.

The press conference was attended by the Head of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists Fadi Gemayel, Board members and representatives of the ministries benefiting from the project.

Minister Chidiac said that the complex bureaucratic procedures and the traditional methods adopted in public administrative work have become exhausting and strenuous to citizens and institutions during the completion of administrative procedures.

"These strenuous administrative procedures lead to a decline in the quality of services provided by the administration," Chidiac corroborated, thus highlighting the stringent need to address and simplify these measures.

Chidiac deemed the simplification of these procedures as one of the most important tools for administrative development, which constitutes an essential pillar of enhancing economic growth and increaing gross domestic product.

Minister Abu Faour, in turn, hailed the efforts undertaken by the Office of the State Minister for Administrative Development Affairs in the framework of simplifying procedures in public administrations.

The European Union Representative, Rein Neiland, stressed that the priorities of the EU in supporting Lebanon are notably the modernization of the public sector and the fight against corruption.

================ Lina Younis

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