Jreissati visits waste sorting plant in Ghosta: Solutions are easy but bold decisions must be taken quickly since time is not in our favor

Sat 23 Mar 2019 at 18:40 Economy

NNA - Minister of Environment, Fadi Jreissati, pursued his tour Saturday of the different waste sorting and treatment plants, which included visits to Sidon in the South and Ghosta in the region of Keserwan.

MPs Farid Khazen, Ne'mat Frem, Roger Azar and Nazih Najm welcomed Jreissati in Ghosta and accompanied him on his tour of the Ghosta waste sorting plant. The Minister listened to a detailed explanation of the plant's operations and its different work stages, with a daily capacity of 200 tons.

Jreissati considered that "solutions are available and easy, but bold decisions must be taken quickly since time is not in our favor."

"What we see today is at the core of the Environment Ministry's policy. We know that the basis of Law #80 is decentralization of waste, and we are witnessing a very successful experiment by the private sector in partnership with the Municipality," he said.

Jreissati called on the Association of Industrialists, Chambers of Commerce and all business executives to invest in the waste treatment sector "because it is an industry and a source of money and job opportunities for our youth."

He also praised the Municipality of Ghosta for accepting to establish the waste sorting plant, away from narrow political considerations.

"If we wish to encourage the establishment of such plants, there is one solution which is to approve the law known as 'Ne'mat Frem Law'...and the Prime Minister supports the advanced law proposed by the Environment Ministry," Jreissati went on. He disclosed that his Ministry intends to go all the way in implementing this law.

"We have the support of the parliamentary blocs and we will give independence to municipalities so that we can achieve our dream of waste decentralization," Jreissati confirmed.

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