Shehayeb from Brussels: We seek to improve productivity, hope donor countries can help Lebanon

Thu 14 Mar 2019 at 13:32 Politics

NNA - Education Minister Akram Shehayeb who is participating in the conference on "Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region" in Brussels, telling journalists, on the sidelines of the conference, "we seek to improve productivity at all levels, and we need support. We hope donor countries would help Lebanon, which suffered and still suffers from displacement, and thus deserves all the support possible in these dreadful circumstances."

"There are 215,000 Syrian students studying in Lebanon, in public schools, and 60,000 in private schools. There are special programs for those who have not yet enrolled in schools and we sincerely hope to get the support we need to achieve great results in the near future," said the minister.

Evaluating the meetings he held so far, Shehayeb said "There are promises, at least, to continue to provide assistance, and we hope that the value of support will increase so that we can continue to uphold students. All the children who have fled to Lebanon have the right to access education."


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