Baarini, Deputies of Akkar visit Dar el-Fatwa: Reconciliation generates reassurance, Hariri statesman par excellence

Thu 14 Mar 2019 at 11:55 Politics

NNA - Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, received at Dar el-Fatwa, the deputies of Akkar Waleed al-Baarini, Mohammad Suleiman and Tarek Al-Merehbi, with talks touching on the reconciliation between PM Saad Hariri and Major General Ashraf Rifi.

"The Prime Minister is keen on national and Islamic unity and what he is doing confirms that he is a statesman par excellence," said Baarini in the wake of the meeting, stressing that reconciliation generates reassurance. "We stand by him in the fight against corruption which must be treated with absolute transparency, away from political auctions or retaliation, especially against [former] PM Fouad Siniora, who is a man of institutions."

Tackling the return of Syrian refugees to their country, Baarini said "Hariri, who heads the Lebanese delegation participating in the Brussels conference, is expressing the national Lebanese position thereon, and we call upon all political forces to comply with the Lebanese and international consensus in this regard."


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