Jumblatt before Druze Sheikhs: No one can uproot AlMukhtara!

Sat 09 Feb 2019 at 18:20 Politics

NNA - Progressive Socialist Party Chief, former MP and Minister Walid Jumblatt, stressed Saturday that no one could succeed in uprooting the "Mukhtara".

This came before several delegations of Druze sheikhs, including spiritual and social bodies and judges of the Sect, heads of committees and members of the Druze religious council, who visited the Mukhtara Palace today to show support Jumblatt. Attending the encounter was Democratic Gathering Head, MP Taymor Jumblatt, Education Minister Akram Shehayeb, Industry Minister Wael Abu Faour and MPs Faisal Al Sayegh and Hadi Abul-Hassan.

"They think that with the current political structure and ministries they can push Al-Mukhtara 70 years back...Al-Mukhtara has existed over centuries and still does, and no one will be able to uproot it!" exclaimed Jumblatt.

However, he noted that "despite what happened, we will deal with matters realistically and positively on the basis of dialogue and interaction with what occurred for the interest of the Mountain, coexistence and Lebanon."

Over his position on the Syrian issue, Jumblatt said he does not force anyone to abide by his stance towards the Syrian regime. "Today, allow me to remain comfortably in my Mukhtara home, for I do not want to take the road to Damascus. Yet, I am not an obstacle standing in your way if there is a need for you to take that road," he underlined.

"With regard to the Party's policy of counteracting this liberal wave that wants to sweep off the vital parts of the State, we will address it with a lot of calm to preserve the public domain and reject such brutal privatization that Lebanon has not seen for a long time," Jumbaltt went on. He pointed to the power of privatization to overthrow stable regimes.

"I also hope that the parties that have not yet spoken about privatization would do so, as now is the time because poverty does not distinguish between the Shiites, the Druze, the Sunnis and the Christians," emphasized Jumblatt.

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