Sun 19 Feb 2017 | 09:23

23rd European film festival awards for Lebanese students' best short films

NNA - At the closing of "La soirée des courts métrages libanais" organised in the framework o

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Murex d'Or Committee invites Riachi, Khouri and Guidanian to its event

NNA - The Murex d'Or Committee, comprising Zahi and Fadi Helou, visited on Monday Informa

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Shaun Agostine the rising pianist

NNA - Shaun Agostine is a 14 year old award- winning pianist and composer. His passion for pi

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Singer Mona Meraachli passes away at 58

NNA - Lebanese singer Mona Meraachli passed away on Monday at the age of 58 due to a heart at

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Baalback celebrates Feyruz and Independence

NNA - Upon the 81st birthday of Lebanon's iconic singer Feyruz, and after 60 years of he

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Egyptian artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz dies at 70

NNA - Egyptian actor, Mahmoud Abdul Aziz, died at the age of 70 in one of Cairo's hospit

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(UPDATED) Funerals of Melhem Barakat

NNA - The funeral of the esteemed Lebanese singer and composer, Melhem Barakat, was held on

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Barakat's funeral procession arrives at Kfarchima

NNA - The funeral procession of late artist Melhem Barakat arrived at his native village of

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Melhem Barakat's body arrives to Saint Nicholas church

NNA - The body of artist Melhem Baraket arrived on Sunday to Saint Nicholas church in Ashraf

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Jumblatt expresses condolences to Barakat's family

NNA - The media commission of the Progressive Socialist Party reported on Saturday that MP W

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Final goodbyes for Melhem Barakat Sunday

NNA - The funerals of renowned singer Melhem Barakat will take place at Saint Nicolas Church

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Melhem Barakat dies at 74

NNA - Renowned Lebanese singer Melhem Barakat died on Friday at the age of 74. =======Y.B.

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Beirut International Film Festival says number of movies banned from screening

NNA - Beirut International Film Festival administration regretted in a statement issued on We

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First Russian film festival in Lebanon to kick off on October 11

NNA - Russia's Buta Films production house is scheduled to launch the first Russian film

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